Counseling Services

Coastal Crossroads Counseling Solutions LLC provides a variety of quality, confidential, mental health services designed to help individuals and families at a crossroads in their journey to healthy living. Various therapeutic approaches are used to help clients make better choices, learn coping skills, improve relationships, and minimize self-defeating behaviors.


The practice also offers school-based mental health services, consultation, professional development for teachers, and parent in-service training.


Adolescent years can be a very confusing, stressful, overwhelming time in a child’s life due to pressures from peers, parents, and society. Practical solutions and strategies can help children to feel happier, connected, and supported. Some of the services provided include school/work performance issues, self-confidence/self-esteem, and anger management.  




Children need support, coping strategies, and encouragement. Based on needs, age, developmental level, personality, and preferences unique individualized treatment plans will be developed to help children thrive. Some of the services provided include behavior management, social-emotional learning, and challenges with attention and focus. 


Parents working as a couple, individually or co-parenting are invited to explore their parenting goals and concerns. A collaborative approach that emphasizes the importance of patience, consistency, and compassion as change agents is used with parents. Some of the services provided include 

  • Behavior Management
  • Health & Wellness / Self-Care
  • Co-parenting
  • Effective Parenting
  • Time Management
  • Training & Workshops

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